SIA "Mini serviss" was founded in 1992. 1992 - 1997 company was working in auto repair field. In 1997 the company was redirected to ventilation, heating and non-standard fitting production and assembly. Till 2003 that was main business.

In 2003 the company was moved into more wider and modern place.

 Until nowadays we have improved our skills in fitting production and have brought into our market many new standard and non-standard fittings for household and industrial use. Already for 10 years we produce fittings for Latvian market. In this field we are one of the biggest companies in Vidzeme (North-East Latvia).

In 2006 we expanded our business with powder painting field.
Nowadays about 1/3 of painted fittings are exported to Scandinavian countries.

Our base employees work in our team already from foundation of the company and are highly skilled specialists.

Our company's home place you can check out in this sections gallery.